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A not-really-bookselling post, but I’ll find a link somehow

May 22, 2015

This morning I had a bit of a freak-out. A very quiet, nonverbal freak-out (since my husband was still asleep).

You see, I stepped on the scales. And was horrified to see the number on the digital screen.

240???  Good grief – no wonder my knees have been sore and aching the past couple of weeks!!

But wait – I thought, as I opened the cat food cans and fed the anxiously mewing kitties – that can’t be right.

Last week (according to the Weight Watchers digital scales), I weighed 225, the weight I’ve hovered around for the past several YEARS.

A 15-pound gain in one week? Hmmm … that doesn’t sound quite plausible, does it?

So after feeding the cats, I got back on the scale.


So between the first and second weigh-ins – in the time it took to feed the cats – I lost 14 pounds.

Oh … kay …

So maybe the issue isn’t just my weight.

Maybe there’s also a problem with my scales.

And maybe that’s a good reason not to put all your trust in machines. Because any little thing can affect their readout. Like a dying battery, or a little water splashed on the wrong part.

Maybe it’s good to have some old-fashioned, analog technology handy, for the inevitable time when the machines fail.

Which brings me to books. (You knew I’d get there eventually, didn’t you?)

I love my Kindle. I’ve got over a thousand books in my inventory.

(Pause. Think about Kindle book prices on Amazon. Shed a few tears for my budget. Go ahead, I’ll wait.)

Anyway, I’ve had the Kindle since the days when I was commuting to work on the subway.

It’s wonderful! I don’t let anyone trash talk my Kindle. It’s brought me a great deal of pleasure and introduced me to the works of some fantastic authors I may never have heard of otherwise.

Like, for example, Tony Rabig, whose Jack Finney-inspired works are ONLY available on Kindle.

But occasionally – not too often, but occasionally – my beloved Kindle has “bricked” on me, at unexpected times and in undesirable places.

Which is why I always keep a few* “print books” handy. “For Emergency Use Only”.

*And when I say “a few”, I mean “a few hundred”. In the house, in the car, in the tool shed I pretend is my art studio … those “print books” (aka “books”) are a HUGE part of my life.

And they’re not going anywhere, anytime soon.

So yes, digital is probably the future of everything that conveys any kind of information – from books to bathroom scales.

But that doesn’t mean they’re always dependable. Human beings must always be prepared for the possibility, however remote, that the machines will fail and they’ll have to use their nondigital, oh-so-fragile brains again.

And yeah … I’m going for a walk today.


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