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Textbook Season! or what makes small booksellers happy :-)

September 5, 2012

Last year I was working in a Downtown Los Angeles office, stuck in a cubicle, spending most of my days either gazing longingly out the window (from the 48th floor) or gazing longingly at the photo of the beach I had on my screensaver.

And complaining. Mostly because during the 10 months I worked downtown, I totally missed “Textbook Season”!

What’s great about textbook season for small booksellers is that LARGE booksellers tend to throw out, or drastically discount, their textbooks. One local bookstore has the tradition of putting all the books they don’t buy in several cardboard boxes outside their front door. These freebies can sometimes be worth literally hundreds of dollars! Why? Because although this bookstore buys, as well as sells, used books, they steadfastly refuse to buy TEXTBOOKS – which is wonderful for people like me who scour the free boxes daily looking for “paper gold”!

But the best textbooks are not always in the free boxes – sometimes you’re lucky enough to find them in the thrift stores. Of course, that stock gets picked over fairly quickly.

Unless you’re REALLY lucky – as I was today.

Today I had the entire book section of a store I call the “Sad Russian Thrift Shop” (because the nice gentlemen and gentleladies who own it are … well … a really sad-looking bunch of Russians) to myself – and there, tossed in the corner and barely noticeable from the front of the store was an entire BOX of textbooks – completely unsearched!











Using the bar code scanner/Amazon apps on my Droid 2, I wound up with at least three books that will DEFINITELY sell for over $70 each, and several others in the $20-$30 range!

And as I drove away with my haul, which cost less than $20.00 total, I felt like I’d just gotten away with a daring daylight robbery! But it’s all legal – heh heh!  (And I did drop a few extra $$ into their donation box at the front counter, to salve my conscience!)








So this year – unlike last year – Textbook Season is the most beautiful season of the year!


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